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My belief is that we're never "done" with our money journeys. My invitation to you is to be guided through spirals of healing your fear and shame, enjoying earning and saving, creating plans and goals, adjusting them, finding out what matters to you most today, this year, and then re-assessing next year. I will be available to hold your hand and give you tools to encourage and support you, weekly, at the beginning, and then many money coach clients transition to meeting monthly, quarterly, or yearly. 


Whether you're a business owner (and boy, do I know about fluctuating income streams!), a single person wanting to reach goals, a couple combining or with combined finances, or you want help feeling calm about your family finances, this work can help. You'll have a practical plan that you can follow, which addresses all your emotional truths and needs. 


Your relationship to money is a relationship that touches every other relationship in your life. 

Isn't it TIME? 

...that you acknowledge the interconnectedness of all parts of you, and spiral your way through the CURRENCY

that can light you up with abundance?

Together, let's reframe money as a fun, easeful and positive part of life!

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