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financial wellness

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Surviving through Thriving...

If you are less confident than you want to be about your money, I invite you to be guided through healing of your deeper money fears and shame. 

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at a place where you can enjoy all aspects of money: earning and savings, creating plans and goals, and adjusting to organically meet your needs over time. 

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We'll get you clear on what matters to you most -- today, this month, this year, and then we'll re-assess as life happens. 

As your partner, I hold your hand and give you tools to encourage and support you. 


Let's reframe your money as the most easeful, positive, and even FUN part of your life. 


what it will feel like to actually love every purchase you choose, and to feel GREAT about every money decision you make. 

You are ready. 

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Whether you're a business owner (and boy, do I KNOW about fluctuating income streams!), a single person wanting to amp up to the next level, 

Or you simply want help feeling calm about your family finances, this work can help. You'll KNOW how much you need, you'll have a plan that you can follow, your money will be guided by your emotional truths and needs. 

Someone who's just experienced a major shift (big move, divorce, legal proceedings, inheritance), a parent choosing how to wisely pass on your legacy and education your children, 

Money is this taboo subject in life that we feel we need to handle all on our own. Olivia has given me this new set of eyes to see the world of spending through. I now see money as a flow that I choose how to direct. Not only that, but she's so much fun that I now look forward to the previously painful task of looking at my expenses. I can't recommend Olivia enough!

Evan, Self-Employed Builder

The best parts of working with Olivia are... Feeling free to express my ignorance on certain aspects of finances and not feel judged. ...Actually wanting to do a good job and not avoiding it. ...Truly getting things done and not giving up half way through. ...Understanding my retirement plan. ...I could go on.

Greg, Musician & PhD

Before Olivia, my relationship with money was based on scarcity and depravity. As an entrepreneur in the early stages of building a creative business, Olivia's positivity and sense of humor has been invaluable. Now I feel excited about spending money on experiences that make my life richer and happier.  10/10 recommend  Olivia! 

Madelina, Artist & Educator

Olivia has been instrumental in creating a strong foundation for my business.  Her patience, humor, organizational skills, practical knowledge and playful manner creates a pleasurable experience for a potentially anxiety producing subject matter.  I highly recommend Olivia for business, personal and couples coaching!

Lara, Personal Therapist

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It's time to feel good about your relationship with money.

​At Land in the Net, I am here to help you transform any stress or fog about your money into financial confidence. This is not just about numbers on a spreadsheet (although we'll address those practical matters, too). As the daughter of two dancers, I have always worked and played with embodiment: whether dancing onstage, flying on the trapeze, or helping clients really feel in their bodies the abundance around them.

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